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Leave a gift in your will

Your Gift can make a difference

A gift in your will is a precious way of remembering your loved one and will make a real difference to the lives of Pancreatic Cancer patients. Your gift will help save lives by supporting NIPANC’s work to improve Pancreatic Cancer outcomes and to fund research into more effective treatments.

NIPANC is a Northern Ireland charity set up by people who have had direct experience of the impact of this terrible cancer and who banded together to improve outcomes for others.


If you, like us, believe that much more needs to be done to raise awareness of Pancreatic Cancer, promote early diagnosis, and research more effective treatments, you can make a difference by leaving NIPANC a gift in your will.


All gifts, big and small, will help us to call time on the devastating effects of Pancreatic Cancer on families in our community.  

To learn more about leaving a bequest, visit  Will to Give is a charity which offers direct support in will writing to ensure that your charitable wishes can be met. Your solicitor may also be able to give you advice on charitable giving.

Your gift will help others facing Pancreatic Cancer and make a real difference to them and their families.

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