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Two Friends Biking

#PedalThePeriphery 2024
7th-9th June

#PedalThePeriphery 2024, an epic endurance event, will see teams cycle, in total, 480 miles in 48 hours around Northern Ireland.

This major fund and awareness-raising fixture, born in 2023 by two sisters Andrea Harrower and Cathy Booth, has now become an annual team fixture for NI’s only local pancreatic cancer charity NIPANC.

The new team format of this event allows teams of two, four, six, eight or ten people to take on this epic adventure. With only one team member required to be on the road at any one time, this event can appeal as much to those who seek their first endurance challenge, as to the seasoned cyclist and endurance athlete.

Like last year, it will be a challenge, not a race.

This team event will be organised by Primal Challenge Limited, a locally based event management company.

Entry fees are £650 per team, with a request to raise a minimum sponsorship of £1000 per person,
per team.

For any queries, please email

  • Why does it cost £650 whether you are entering a two-person team or 10-person team
    NIPANC is made up of a voluntary, unpaid Board and has a number of external costs in the undertaking, planning, and organisation of this event. The entry fee has been calculated to cover this. There is a maximum number of teams that can enter #PedalThePeriphery to allow for an excellent experience for all teams. This cost does not change whether we have 60 individuals, or 300 individuals entered, and as such a blanket fee was agreed as the fairest. It is in the context of varying team size however we decided to ask for a voluntary minimum sponsorship amount per individual rather than per team.
  • What do I get for my £650 entry fee?
    Professional race organisation, access to experts for all preparation and planning up to the event from entry, access to 10% discount with Fustle Bikes for bikes and accessories. You will also become part of a growing community NIPANC supports around Northern Ireland and playing your part in helping us take a stand against a cruel disease which 280 people locally will be diagnosed with. Foremostly, this is an amazing, challenging, and unforgettable experience if it is anything close to the success of last year.
  • Is there a detailed route map?
    The course has been mapped out and uploaded by Primal Tracking.We are in the process of determining the final route as part of our risk assessment, to ensure rider safety, and overall enjoyment. Once finalised, it will be circulated as a GPX file to all entrants
  • How does the team format work, is there a starting point for each team member with handover points?
    Entrants will be given access to a Private Facebook Group, where we will be sharing advice, guidance and support throughout.In addition, we will be hosting six live Q&A sessions from January through to June. One of the themes is Logistics and Planning. There will be key checkpoints along the route for teams can use as handover points.
  • Can a team of 10 do the whole challenge together?
    We are proposing the 2024 event be a team rather than a ‘solo’ event, with each team receiving one tracker. There is only one requirement for one team member to be on the road at any one time.
  • Are their food and drink points along the way?
    One of the key challenges of a non-stop endurance event is strategy, planning, and organisation. The team must consider and plan for their own nutrition needs and hydration, however there will be support along the way from spectators and well-wishers. We will be providing advice and guidance in the run up to the event.
  • Where is the starting point and finishing point?
    The start line will be in Belfast (Titanic Quarter TBC) and the finish line will be at the main car park at Wallace High School Lisburn.
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