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Everyday tips for healthy living

Alex McAfee is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in HPB services working across all four hospitals in the Belfast Trust.

In this video made especially for NIPANC, Alex shares her everyday tips for healthy living.

  • If you’re a drinker, try and cut alcohol consumption down by half.

  • Stop smoking completely. Do not use substitutes like e-cigs.

  • Set yourself a challenge of having a 20 minute walk every day this week, if possible with friends in a covid-safe manner

  • Park the car in the far side of the supermarket car park so you have to talk that bit extra.

  • When you do go for a walk, walk briskly.

  • If your journey’s a short one and you can go by foot, do it – don’t bring the car.

  • Walk the children to school.

These activities may not stop you developing a cancer, in particular it may not stop you developing a pancreatic cancer. But they will give you a far better quality of life, and it will certainly make you way more able to cope with some of the treatments that you might just have to undergo if you’re diagnosed with a cancer.

So be smart, and live a healthier life from this day on.


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