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A farewell to Jim

All of us involved with NIPANC were keen that we appropriately marked the passing of Jim Dornan, NIPANC’s President and staunch supporter. This tribute record gives our supporters and others whose lives have been touched by Jim the chance to reflect on how he affected our lives and to express our sense of gratitude at having known him.

Jim Dornan was an inspiration to NIPANC and a sterling example of how difficult and tragic experiences can be transformed into a source of insight and a driver for good. Jim’s own encounter with pancreatic cancer, with the loss of his wife to this terrible disease, imposed a terrible burden on Jim and his family.

Yet its legacy was one of hope: hope that he could draw on that experience to help others in similar situations; and the sure hope that, by working purposefully with others in the medical and research disciplines and with NIPANC, we can raise awareness, promote early diagnoses and support necessary research to discover better and more effective treatments.

Jim leaves behind many friends and colleagues who have been touched by his sense of purpose, his humour and his capacity to harness his considerable skills and talents to the benefit of patients and those in need of help.

A powerful legacy and one which we hope this tribute record will, in its own small way, shed light upon and encapsulate.

Click here to pay your tribute to Professor Jim Dornan


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Rosa Fernández Muñoz
Rosa Fernández Muñoz

I was interested in making a donation at his tribute, but I do not reside in the UK, but in Spain. I know the normal channel of donations I make sporadically to NIPANC, but this one is special. How can I do it? Thanks and best regards


Rosa, donations can be made from most countries. Please make sure you are NOT ticking gift aid if not a UK resident, many thanks

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